Reservations: (907) 224-5559 / 2659 / 2654 or (800) 770-1858
    Fish House

Fish House is equipped with water, cutting tables, butcher paper and fillet knives. Fish may be frozen and shipped to many U.S. destinations through FedEx from the resort. Shipping prices are determined by package weight and destination.

There are three (3) different sets of fees associated with the use of the Fish House and vacuum packers (vacuum bags must be purchased at the front desk).

  • Customers that are utilizing the resort charters, or have their own boat, and are staying on the resort: Cleaning is free. Freezer space is free until you check out or have coordinated shipping.

  • Authorized users that have their own vessel or bring sport fish from the rivers: Use of the Fish House is $10 per limit of fish. Freezer space is on a space available basis for $10 per day, per tote.

  • Authorized users that arrive with dip net subsistence fish (whether staying at the resort or not): Cost to process subsistence caught fish is $10 for the first 25 fish and $1 for each additional fish. Freezer space is on a space available basis.
Reservations: (907) 224-5559 / 2659 / 2654 or (800) 770-1858
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