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What to wear

Alaska’s Climate can be a little unpredictable.  This brings to light a most commonly asked question, “What do I pack for my vacation in Alaska?”  Our most common answer to this question is “Bring clothes that you can easily layer.”  

Here is a list of recommendations for summer travel in Alaska:

  • light weight jacket
  • fleece pullover for layering (or something similar)
  • light weight rain jacket
  • comfortable shoes
  • light weight hiking shoes (if you will be hitting the trails)
  • You might bring a pair of shorts just in case!  You never know when it might actually get HOT in Alaska!
  • Tooth Brush

Gear for the Outdoorsman:

If you are traveling to Alaska for a fishing/outdoor adventure, you may face some hefty fees at the airport if you decide to take it on the plane.  If you have not yet purchased the items for your trip, you may consider shopping on-line and shipping your packages to your destination!  The Seward Military Resort can safely store your gear until you arrive!  Then you can ship it home when you leave Alaska. 

How do I ship my gear to the Seward Military Resort?  When ordering with an online company (See the links below for good options), you would use your address for the billing information, and the Seward Military Resort’s address for the Shipping.

If your item is being shipped via FedEx or UPS: 
Seward Military Resort
2305 Dimond Blvd
Seward, AK  99664-0329

If your item is being shipped via the US Postal Service:
Seward Military Resort
P.O. Box 329
Seward, AK  99664-0329

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